Learn How-To Airbnb Like a Pro

Airbnb Hosting 101

  • Equip

    Whether you are outfitting a place from scratch or putting the finishing touches on an existing home, these tips will help you create a desirable rental property without breaking the bank. Harnessing your internal interior designer can be the most enjoyable part of setting up a rental property.

    Must Have Gadgets

    Bargain Hunting

  • List

    Creating a successful Airbnb listing is a mixture of art and science. In the following section you’ll learn how to create a persuasive Airbnb listing that will stand out from the crowd. Get the tricks of trade that are guaranteed to turn more browsers into buyers.


    Perfect Pictures

  • Price

    About 60% of your potential income comes from the intrinsic value of your property, location, and amenities. The other 40% is dependent upon an effective Airbnb pricing strategy. Here you will learn methods to better assess the demand for your place throughout the year and how to adjust your prices accordingly.

    Max Occupancy

    Fees & Deposits

  • Manage

    When the vacation property is set up and the bookings are starting to roll in, the primary goal is to separate your time from your income stream. Here we dissect each time sucking aspect of managing a rental unit and see how we can eliminate nearly every minute of actual work.


    Screening & Gadgets

  • Finance

    When the money starts rolling you need to start thinking about protecting your little cash cow. Smart finance decisions will mean the difference between huge profits and huge headaches. Get organized early around accounting, insurance, and taxes.

    Airbnb Taxes & Insurance

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