Taking the Perfect Airbnb Photos

According to Airbnb, pictures are the first thing guests look at when selecting a rental property. Used correctly, Airbnb photos are a powerful selling tool for your listing. In this article, I show you how to use Airbnb photos to attract more inquiries and earn a higher rental income.

How To Take The Best Airbnb Photos

Airbnb Photos

Here’re a few things to think about to help you capture those perfect shots that sell your listing:

Lighting: Make sure each room appears bright and airy. Open a window to allow more light into the room. The fastest way to scare off potential customers is with a dark and dull photo. Find a time in the day when the sun is not glaring through the widows; the light contrast will make it difficult to shoot.

Room Size: If you don’t have a wide-angle lens, take the shot from a corner of the room at a higher angle. The goal is to get as much of the room in the shot as possible. It can be challenging to present the size of a space. If you can’t get your hands on a wide-angle lens, try piecing together a panoramic shot.

Attention to Detail: Take close up shots of statement pieces, unusual art, or appealing flower arrangement. These communicate attention to style and detail.

Surrounding Area: Don’t forget about selling points in your immediate area. Include scenes that will give your guest a better idea of your location. For example: an incredible view, the front lobby of your building, access to a gym, a rooftop terrace, or a large backyard.

For best results, consider hiring a professional photographer. However, if you go the DIY route, the GoPro is an affordable camera that offers wide-angle options.

If it’s available in your area, you can also take advantage of Airbnb’s free photography service. Just make sure your interior design and major furnishings are finalized before scheduling an appointment. The photographer will not stage your home for you.

Note: Airbnb will only visit your property once to take photos. So make sure your place is clean and ready for their visit!

Airbnb Photo Quantity and Layout

Upload you photos to Airbnb so that guests understand the layout of your home. If you walk through your place, starting from the front door, what do you see? What is the first room after the entrance? Airbnb doesn’t currently allow video, so organize your photos in a way that replicates a video walkthrough.

Airbnb photo layoutAvoid uploading multiple photos of the same room that are taken from different angles. Less is more. Bear in mind that some people have slow internet connections and photos take time to load. Try to convey the essence of your property in no more than 12 photos.

Also refrain from taking too many photos of artwork, plants, and other decorations unless they are special. While a few close up shots demonstrate your sense of style, too many add little value to the potential renter.

It’s better to include close ups that paint a picture of the lifestyle your property offers. You might lay out a cheese board with a glass of wine. Or show a perfectly made bed with neatly folded towels.

In summary, take the time to stage your home and capture appealing photos. Highlight the best features of your home and draw attention to any unique amenities. This leads to more inquiries and a successful career as an Airbnb host.

For more tips on how to maximize your Airbnb earnings, take a look at the AirDnA reports for your area.