The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook

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After ten years working at a stable desk job, Scott Shatford was laid off at the end of 2012. Instead of searching for another job, he decided to book a one-way ticket to Bangkok and listed his Los Angeles apartment on Airbnb to help pay the bills while traveling.

Within two weeks Scott earned enough money on Airbnb to cover all of his expenses and after one month he was earning additional income to help pay for his adventures. Returning home 6-months later, he struggled for months to find work in his professional field of Business Intelligence. With his financial reserves depleted, he needed to find a creative way of making money fast.

Utilizing his experience in analytics, Scott researched the short-term rental market and strategically built an Airbnb enterprise that generated over $100,000 in profit in its first year. By analyzing the performance of hundreds of thousands of Airbnb listings using his proprietary AirDnA tool, and interviewing the most prolific Airbnb moguls, Scott established a proven framework for operating a hugely successful vacation rental business.

The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook: Secrets of a Six Figure Rentalpreneur, is a step-by-step how-to guide that reveals all of Scott’s tips and tricks to outperforming the competition.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to price your place to maximize revenue
  • Advice on automating property management
  • Tips to acheiving 90+% occupancy throughout the year
  • Best Practices for dealing with landlords
  • How to appear in the 1st page of Airbnb search results
  • Write listings that turn browsers into buyers
  • Manage expenses and taxes to maximize profits
  • 25 never before published tips



    It was surprising to see how many things are influencing my Airbnb search rankings. By following a few tips from Scott’s newsletter I was able to nearly double my views and am now charging $30 more per night.


    I’d heard about people making money on Airbnb, but Scott’s ebook gave me the confidence to finally take the leap. I’m so glad I did!


    The analytical reports showed me how to re-configure all my of Airbnb settings to get the most out of my rental unit. I’m now looking at getting a second apartment

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